September 22, 2007

Rough Day

It was a long day today as we waited for maintenance to be done on the airship. Unfortunately it took longer then estimated and we were out at the field from Noon till around 10:30pm. The Pilot in Charge eventually had to call off the flight to Boston due to deteriorating weather up there tonight despite the mechanic's efforts to get the engine he was working on up and running. It was a long day but not as long as it could have been. As the Crew Chief told me, "This is about as bad as it gets." So it goes to show in the blimp business just like in almost all of aviation, no matter how hard you may work to try and make things go as planned, the weather can always spoil it. We've got an early start tomorrow so I'm off to bed. We're going to try, try again to go up to Boston.
Oh the best bit of wisdom I heard today is "Home is where your tooth brush is."