September 5, 2007

Its Official, I Start Monday

Well its official, I have airlines heading to Orlando on Monday morning to wrap up my paperwork and to begin my new career as an Airship Pilot in Training with The Lightship Group. The plan is to stay overnight in Orlando and then airline up to New Jersey on Tuesday to meet up with the crew of the Metlife Blimp, Snoopy 2. There I will begin my training as a Ground Crew member and Pilot. During my training especially, I will be given ground crew duties when I am not flight training (assisting with maneuvering the blimp on the ground, night watch, etc). I can't wait and look forward to learning all about the details of operating an airship.

I know especially initially I will be very busy learning all of my new roles during training. It should take between three and six months for me to get my airship rating. If I can get it done before Christmas, I will be very happy. It may be a little bit of an ambitious goal, but I'm going to do what I can to see if I can meet it.

Since I'll be on the road from Monday till who knows when, I'll try and keep this blog up to date with what's going on with me and anything interesting I come across along the way. Talk to you all soon!