September 20, 2007

Day 2 of Watch Training

I had my second day of watch training today. It went well as I learned some more about the duties of the watch person and what needs to get done during a shift. I've especially got the hang of taking the readings on the ship each hour and the math that goes along with it when you log it.
I should just have a couple more next week and then I'll be signed off. We leave tomorrow afternoon to transit up to the Boston area for this weekend's football game. Hopefully I'll get a chance to fly again. I hear transit flying is a lot more fun then exposure flying.
I've included a couple pictures from Soleburg Airport that I took while I was on watch. They are of our neighbors from the Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield Airship (who are also apart of our company) and of the lonely hanger there. Currently the local government is trying to claim eminent domain on the airport land so they can close it. It would be a real shame as its a nice general aviation airport. Also we'll have to find a new place to park both the Horizon blimp, which is there most of the summer, and our other airships that stay there when they are in the New York area.