November 27, 2010

Walking Around New Orleans

On the Sunday morning before the game, I decided to walk around down in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I check out Bourbon Street, walked around to St Louis Cathedral and finished up near the French Market. New Orleans is definitely a city with a personality all of its own.

My favorite part about being there though is the food. I took in a couple of Man vs. Food destinations while I was there. First I went to the Acme Oyster House near Bourbon Street but stayed away from the 15 Dozen Oyster Challenge. I did sit right in front of the Oyster Challenge Board with Adam's name on it though. Very tempting but I doubted I could beat the 42 and a half dozen record that was currently in place especially with all of the other Cajun delicacies I was eating up there.

Another great place to eat that was on my Man vs. Food tour is Mothers. Its a very casual restaurant that has some of the most delicious food I have ever eaten. Their Po'boys are by far some of the best I have eaten. They make just about everything in house and it shows in the quality.

It was a short but enjoyable visit to New Orleans. Now its on to Texas for some NFL Football.

November 26, 2010

Back and in the Bayou

After a couple weeks away on vacation, I went back to work last week and have been trying to catch up ever since. My first event back was also my first college football game as we covered the LSU Tigers vs Mississippi in Baton Rouge, LA. Tiger stadium is probably one of the larger venues in college football and was really quite impressive to see fill up with the purple and gold colors of the Tigers. After the game, we did a rare post game transit down to New Orleans so we could cover the Saints game on Sunday. It was dark flight down there with not much but swamp area and a few roads between Baton Rouge and New Orleans but a good flight for the most part.

November 3, 2010

World Series

I did my first World Series Game on Sunday night as I flew over game 4 in Arlington, TX. It was a long way to get there but we made it. I've got some video and pictures of the pregame festivities which included the giant American flag in the outfield and the two former Bush presidents throwing out the first pitch. A fun night overall for my last night of baseball for the year.

November 2, 2010

Ghost Blimp

I probably should have posted this on Halloween but I'm a little bit behind on things. One of my favorite views of the blimp is when we are flying above the clouds and the shadow appears on them. It makes the shadow look like a kind of Ghost Blimp that is following us along our journey. I tried to add some spooky sounding music courtesy of YouTube to add to the mood.

Fall In Full Swing

You can tell Fall is here when the leaves start changing and blimps start heading South for the Winter.  Being the ultimate snowbirds, we won't be back up North until probably April.  As we were doing our transit South towards Dallas for the World Series, I took some video of the leaves changing.  There is nothing quite like seeing the leaves change from a blimp.  In fact, many years ago the Weather Channel had a blimp that followed the changing of the leaves through Autumn as it flew across the country. 

I started noticing the changing of the season in mid September when some of the tree tops in the valleys in the Northeast started to turn yellow and orange.  Eventually as the days get shorter, the rest of the trees have caught up to the vivid yellows, oranges and reds you see in some of the video and pictures.  It was beautiful scenery for the long trip South!