November 22, 2008

Day Off Hike

I took advantage of a day off this week and went hiking up in LA in Griffin Park. It was a really challenging 4 hour hike I took that tested me physically and mentally. As you can see from some of the pictures, it was worth the effort to get to the top. I was able to get a good picture of the "Hollywood" sign and downtown through the smog. The air quality was kind of low due to the smoke from the fires in the area last week but its getting better. Its kind of amazing that such an area of hiking trails and nature sits right in the middle of this vast area of developement that is Los Angeles.

Sunsets and Goodyear

We've spent this week in Long Beach. Here I just have a couple of pictures of a pleasant sunset from a flight earlier this week. Also I saw the Goodyear Blimp flying around and took a few pictures of them as well. I have some short video of it flying as well from the air that I'll try and upload soon.

Transit from San Diego to Long Beach

To this date, I think this has been my favorite transit I have flown. There is nothing quite like floating up the coast of California. I have a bunch of pictures of the coast line that begin with San Diego and move up through the Laguna Beach area. I also have some short videos I'll try and post later from the transit. Also be sure to check out the cool "blimp shadow on the cliff" picture I took.

San Diego, California

San Diego is a beautiful city to fly around. The combination of the coastline, downtown and strong US Navy presence in the area always makes for interesting scenery. Some of the highlights include shots of the coast, some naval vessels in port and the downtown skyline. I also finally flew my first football event while we were in San Diego as the Chargers slipped by the Chiefs in a last minute nail biter.

Phoenix, Arizona

We spent a few days in Phoenix, Arizona the last week in October on our way to California. Some pictures of Camel Back Mountain, the Arizona State Fair and a gorgeous desert sunset are amongst the highlights of the pictures.

Back to the Blog

Well I've been away from updating lately due to being busy and out of space for my pictures. I know half the fun of this is sharing the pictures and video I take while flying. Good news though, I've got more space so I can start uploading pictures again! I'll start getting the galleries of pictures up as they finish uploading. With each set I'll give a rundown on what I've been up to.