December 22, 2010

Bowl Season Begins

I flew my first college bowl game last night, the Beef Beef O' Brady's Bowl in St Petersburg, Florida.  It was Southern Mississippi vs Louisville in the Tampa Bay Rays baseball stadium, Tropicana Field.  A pretty nice night to be up flying around over all.  I took a little bit of video of the stadium and of downtown St. Pete but to be honest there really wasn't a lot to look at up there.  We do so many games up in the Northeast during the summer that I think we get spoiled with the scenery.  Of course I'll sure take the weather down here over the sights any day. 

December 20, 2010

Miami Heat?

The only heat in Florida last week was the NBA team. Very unseasonably cool lately.  The video below is of the night time skyline of downtown Miami that I took as I flew over the Cleveland Cavs vs Miami Heat game at American Airlines Arena.  It was a quick stay in Miami and then off to Tampa the next day for multiple events in the area.

December 12, 2010

Texas Catch Up

Its been a rough couple of weeks but I finally have a second to catch up on the blog.  We were in Houston, Texas on Thanksgiving weekend for a Houston Texans football game.  I flew the game and took a little bit of video while we were overhead.  Right next door to the football stadium is the world famous Astrodome.  Even though its no longer used for football or baseball, its still an impressive structure.