January 31, 2010

Welcome to Miami

Well we made it down to Miami this week to provide aerial coverage for tonight's NFL Pro Bowl and the many festivities building up to the Super Bowl. Some of the highlights on the way down included a pass by the Goodyear Blimp hanger in Pompano Beach and a great view of all the preparations going on down in South Beach and at the stadium for Super Week. Its going to be a crazy week here on the Direct TV Blimp with plenty of flying (weather permitting of course). We'll keep our fingers crossed for a nice sunny week in Southern Florida!

January 21, 2010

Big Blimpin' in Orlando

I've reached the next milestone in my blimp career this week. I've completed my training to fly our largest ship, the A-170. My first "solo" flight was a transit down from Gainesville to Orlando, Florida earlier this week. I also did my first camera event in the big ship last night as we provided aerial coverage for the Orlando Magic NBA basketball game. It was the first of three events we are covering here in Orlando before heading to Miami for the up coming NFL festivities over the next two weeks.

Above is a picture of Orlando's downtown skyline and below is a picture I took at sunset just before landing earlier this week.

January 13, 2010

The Sunshine State

Well there has been plenty of sunshine in Florida since I arrived here a couple weeks ago but it sure has been cold! Not the most comfortable blimp flying weather by any means, but you bundle up and make the best of it. I'm now on the Direct TV Blimp getting use to flying the big airship again. Above are a few pictures from around Orlando as we flew around last week. The highlight was flying high above the Disney World resorts. I was quite surprised at how small the Magic Kingdom looked compared to the other parks. Despite it being unseasonably cold, there still were plenty of people walking down Main Street.