October 7, 2007

Weekend Recap

Well in Blimpin' there is no rest on the weekends. Yesterday we spent the day doing what is nicknamed "Show and Tell" for some Metlife employees that reside in the Kansas City area. Basically the visitors get to get up close with the blimp, take pictures and ask us questions about it. It was a long day under the hot sun but was also a lot of fun. Everyone I had the opportunity to meet was very nice and had a genuine interest in the airship.
Today we had a TV event providing aerial coverage for the Kansas City Chiefs game. It was my first time helping rig the camera to the airship. It actually takes a lot less time then one would think to attach the camera. Once the camera is attached, it is pretty much business as usual. The pilot and camera man takeoff and head towards the game till its over or something causes the airship to return early. Today the weather was the cause for the ship to return a little bit earlier then planned. It was good timing too. We had just enough time to get the ship down and detach the camera before a really strong downpour came through over the city and the airport.