October 10, 2007

The Golden Age of Aviation

While the blimp was up doing some exposure flying over the Kansas City area today, we went over to the Airline History Museum located on the field there at Kansas City Downtown Airport to kill sometime. They don't have a lot of airplanes there but the ones they do are priceless. The main attraction there is the restored Constellation that sits on the ramp . It is absolutely beautiful and takes you back in time to when it was a luxury to fly on an airliner. Inside the museum also had some great artifacts including old uniforms, logbooks, and promotional items from a number of airlines from days past, especially TWA who had strong roots in Missouri. I've included a number of pictures from the museum below.
Another fun fact about the Airline History Museum is that actor and aviation enthusiast, John Travolta was there as the guest of honor this past Saturday. We were hoping he might come over to say hi when he got there but he didn't. According to the watchman that was on, he came in his smaller business jet rather then the 707. It was reported that in addition to the $500 a plate dinner, one woman shelled out $25,000 to dance with Travolta. All proceeds went to the museum.