October 21, 2007

Deep in the Heart of Texas

We transited to Houston, TX on Friday which was a beautiful flight. We had the opportunity to see some interesting landmarks along the way. First was the Sam Houston Memorial which is just randomly located along I-45 at least 60 miles from Houston. We saw this huge statue along the highway and had to go in for a closer look. With the help of the binoculars we could see it was Sam Houston, a former president, senator and governor of Texas. The statue is about 70 feet tall.

Next we stumbled upon another monument that was even more impressive down in South Houston. It was a huge column that turned out to be the San Jacinto Monument. It commemorates the battle that was fought there that eventually won Texas its independence. It turns out that the monument is the tallest column monument in the world at 570 feet tall and is 15 feet taller then the Washington Monument. Also there on the grounds is an old battleship, Battleship Texas.

Finally before landing for the day, we flew over the NASA Space Center for a while and snapped a few pictures. They don't seem to have as many rockets outside as I remember when I visited it last. Also there is a large arrow in the middle of the field that I have no idea what it is used for. Radar testing perhaps? We just saw a couple of NASA guys flying their remote controlled airplane by it so maybe its not in use anymore.

Click on the slide show below for a closer look at all of the pictures.