October 27, 2007

Catching Up: Windy Days, the Space Center and Heading West

Well after a few extra days in Houston, we are finally heading west. The reason for our delay began earlier this week when the winds in Houston were very gusty. In conditions like that, its better to just leave it on the stick and try another day. Then since we were scheduled to cover the San Diego game this weekend, we were in limbo while decisions were made as to where to have the game due to the wild fires. With Houston as a possible alternative site, we stuck around to see if the game would come to us. Finally since the game looked like it will be played in San Diego, we began our transit to the west coast today. We'll be overnight here in Fort Stockton, TX tonight and then continue to forge ahead towards California tomorrow. To summarize the week, you just never know what's going to happen. The weather and other circumstances can put a wrench in the best made plans.

On one of the days off in Houston, we went over and checked out the Johnson Space Center since it was right down the road. I took a number of pictures while I was there. I did notice that the tour was changed slightly since my visit six years ago to no longer include the current Mission Control and International Space Station Control Centers. I'm assuming it is probably due to security concerns. We did get to check out the mock up room which includes full size replicas of the shuttle and space station which NASA uses for training and to test out new equipment and scenarios. I found that addition to the tour particularly interesting to see. Click on the album below to check out all of the pictures.

NASA Space Center- Houston