October 16, 2007

Transit to Texas

Just an update to my travels. We finished up our time in Kansas City on Monday and began our trek to Houston, TX. Last night we stopped in Muskogee,OK. It was my first time in Oklahoma and it was very much what I expected to see on our drive through, a lot of cattle and fields. We are now in Terrell, TX which is about 20 miles east of Dallas, TX. Our next stop will be our destination of Houston where we will be doing tv work for the Houston Texans football game on Sunday. This transit is just a warm up for the long road west to California after this weekend though where Snoopy 2 spends the rest of the winter season.
While we were in Kansas City last week, I did take a few pictures from the air during our exposure flight over downtown. There are also a few pictures I took of the ship as the sun was setting over the city. There are also a few fun facts I would like to share about Kansas City while I was there:
1. Gates BBQ is the best Kansas City Style BBQ in all of the city
2. Folgers Coffee has a plant located downtown near the airport and
you can smell it in the air depending on the wind direction
3. The Plaza was the first shopping center in the world to
accommodate people arriving by car
4. B-25's and other WWII aircraft were built just north of Downtown
Airport during the war (see picture)
5. AMC Movie Theaters have a huge office building downtown
6. The Railroad industry is still very alive in KC