April 9, 2008

Flying Over Houston

Well its been a really busy week for me down here in Houston. I've done a ton of the flying since we arrived here on Tuesday. I was able to get some experience with the camera equipment attached to the airship since I flew exposure in the mornings before the golf coverage began each day. It really isn't as a big of a deal as I thought it would be. The ship flies pretty much the same; you just need a little bit of pitch up especially during ground handling in case the gondola pitches down.

While on the ground, we were entertained by the many fighter jets that fly in and out of Ellington Field. I was able to get a couple pictures and some video of the A-10s and F-16s that were around. I also took a number of pictures around downtown and some of the historical landmarks while flying this week. Some of them may look a little familiar from my previous visit to Houston. However, there are some new unique pictures like the new cathedral downtown, what it looks like to fly with the camera equipment on and the buildings of downtown in low visibility.

An excellent week with some well earned days off today and tomorrow. Then we're back on the road to Dallas!