November 2, 2010

Fall In Full Swing

You can tell Fall is here when the leaves start changing and blimps start heading South for the Winter.  Being the ultimate snowbirds, we won't be back up North until probably April.  As we were doing our transit South towards Dallas for the World Series, I took some video of the leaves changing.  There is nothing quite like seeing the leaves change from a blimp.  In fact, many years ago the Weather Channel had a blimp that followed the changing of the leaves through Autumn as it flew across the country. 

I started noticing the changing of the season in mid September when some of the tree tops in the valleys in the Northeast started to turn yellow and orange.  Eventually as the days get shorter, the rest of the trees have caught up to the vivid yellows, oranges and reds you see in some of the video and pictures.  It was beautiful scenery for the long trip South!