October 22, 2010

NLCS Games 1 and 2 in Philly

Last weekend, I flew over the first two games of the National League Championship in Philadelphia.   It was quite windy aloft but we were able to get both events in without any issues.  There definitely is a vibe you feel during the baseball playoffs that you just don't get during a regular season game.  Some of the highlights in this video include the giant American Flag in the outfield for the opening ceremonies and the fireworks at the end of the video celebrating the Phillies' game 2 win.  Check out the excitement in the crowd when they are cheering.  Its amazing how the stadium comes alive when Philly is playing well during the game. 
Also I added some of my own original music to this video.  I put this together a while back in Garage Band and thought I'd share it since it seemed to fit the tranquil mood of flying at night.