November 27, 2010

Walking Around New Orleans

On the Sunday morning before the game, I decided to walk around down in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I check out Bourbon Street, walked around to St Louis Cathedral and finished up near the French Market. New Orleans is definitely a city with a personality all of its own.

My favorite part about being there though is the food. I took in a couple of Man vs. Food destinations while I was there. First I went to the Acme Oyster House near Bourbon Street but stayed away from the 15 Dozen Oyster Challenge. I did sit right in front of the Oyster Challenge Board with Adam's name on it though. Very tempting but I doubted I could beat the 42 and a half dozen record that was currently in place especially with all of the other Cajun delicacies I was eating up there.

Another great place to eat that was on my Man vs. Food tour is Mothers. Its a very casual restaurant that has some of the most delicious food I have ever eaten. Their Po'boys are by far some of the best I have eaten. They make just about everything in house and it shows in the quality.

It was a short but enjoyable visit to New Orleans. Now its on to Texas for some NFL Football.