October 2, 2010

Sabres Game

Well I didn't get to see the Bills game from above last weekend in New England due to the weather but I did get to catch a Sabres preseason game in Philadelphia last night. Its rare to get to see your hockey team in an opponents arena especially when you travel full time for work. The pure chance that they are playing in the same town you are in on a night off just about never happens. Lucky for me, Buffalo began their home and home series against the Flyers on the road to wrap up the preseason. Since it was a bit of a special occasion I sprang for some good seats in the lower level behind the Flyers' bench.

The Sabres ended up loosing the game 3-1 but it was an entertaining experience overall. I made sure to get there early so I could walk around the arena and get a Philly Cheese steak for dinner. I immediately felt like an outsider in my Sabres shirt as I was surrounded by a sea of orange and black. The Flyers fans are definitely hardcore hockey fans from dressing in team colors to the constant heckling of the Buffalo players. I only had the courage to let out a "Lets Go Buffalo!" once after it looked like they might tie up the game on the power play. The Philly fans around me didn't give me too hard of a time though for it though.

Its just a shame I couldn't see a Sabres win. Oh well, hopefully I'll catch another game this season when they count!