February 22, 2011

Golf at Pebble Beach

The first golf tournament I've flown in well over a year and a half was at the picturesque Pebble Beach Golf Course in Monterey, CA two weeks ago. We had perfect weather for the whole weekend as you can see in the video and pictures. We were even fortunate enough to see a pod of over 50 dolphins out in the ocean, just off the coast.
I quickly was reminded how flying coverage for golf is by far the hardest thing we do in airships. It takes more mental concentration then most people realize to get all of those aerial shots you see on TV. After doing two days of golf in Pebble and another two this past week in Pacific Palisades, I'm starting to feel back into the golf groove.
We're now heading to Tucsan, Arizona for another golf tournament this week so I'll get plenty more practice.