March 20, 2008

UFO....No Just a Blimp!

The big characteristic and selling point of the American Blimp Corporation's Airships that we fly are that the envelope can be fully illuminated at night. It allows for night time exposure flying which often catches the general public's eye more so then during the daytime. However there is something about a glowing orb in the sky that causes people's imaginations to run a little wild. One such example happened during out transit last week near El Paso according to an article in the El Paso Times.

Police say object was blimp with lights

El Paso Times Staff

A supposed UFO spotted floating over Socorro on Wednesday night was a blimp with lights around it, a Socorro police dispatcher said.

At least one call was made to Socorro police, and the El Paso County Sheriff's Office reporting the flying object, which was seen as far away as Horizon City.

Socorro police dispatcher Angel Almanza said the object was a blimp that could be seen from the police station. "It looks weird because it has a lot of lights," Almanza said.