December 5, 2007

Catching up in Livermore, CA

Well we've been keeping busy here in the Bay Area doing exposure and the football game this past Sunday. On Saturday I took the ship off the mast from the left seat for the first time. We did a couple landings before the wind began to pick up a little more then we were comfortable with having me in the seat for. I did it again today too for a couple of landings in more calm conditions which has me feeling more like a real airship pilot. The training is coming along, but I still need a lot more landings to give me the experience I need in different wind and static weight conditions.

On one of my days off earlier this week I went back to downtown San Francisco for the day with a couple of the guys. My pictures from the day walking around by the bay can be found here. Some of the sites I saw this time around were the Chapel at Fisherman's Wharf, Forbes Island (world's only floating island and restaurant) and the ships at Hyde Pier.