November 15, 2007

Days off in Long Beach

Well I spent the past couple days off hanging out down by the beach. I took the bus down there and walked around Belmont Shores on Monday along the walking path and around the pier. Then on Tuesday I walked the other way down towards downtown Long Beach. In fact, I walked all the way to the feature tourist attraction in Long Beach, the Queen Mary. It was an interesting walking tour around the ship that also included a tour of the Russian Submarine Scorpio and an exhibit dedicated to memorabilia from many of the most popular spy shows and movies ever. They had everything from Dr No's prop tarantula to Maxwell Smart's shoe phone to the Man from UNCLE's pen communicator. It was a great exhibit but unfortunately they did not allow pictures or video to be taken. Fortunately I have pictures of everything else if you click on the album below. Also it looked like they were filming something on location on the boat, but I never ended up finding out what it was. Just business as usual for them out here in the LA area.
Speaking of Hollywood, the only part of the tour I didn't like was the Ghosts and Legends of the Queen Mary tour. It could have been creepy and interesting on its own visiting areas of the ship where tragedy stuck it during its many years of service. Unfortunately, they "Hollywooded it up" with special effects and lighting along with a tour guide who couldn't act. It was more funny then anything else. The only highlight is that you get to see some extra areas of the ship like the pool and boiler room that are normally off limits.